Sherman+Reilly is dedicated to providing quality products, equipment, blocks and tools for the utility and telecom industries. Operator safety is cornerstone to our approach to business; engineering and manufacturing equipment and tools to increase efficiency and safety in the field. Established in 1927, Sherman Reilly manufactures and sells the safest and most reliable electric utility line stringing equipment in North America.



Keeping electric power and internet service lines working for local customers is not only a convenience but a life-saving service the industry provides. Sherman+Reilly’s distribution equipment helps utility companies serve their communities with Puller-Tensioners and Puller-Tensioner Reconductorers. Sherman+Reilly continues to manufacture and sell the safest and most reliable electric utility line stringing equipment in North America.


The full line of Sherman+Reilly Underground Equipment, with the compact CP-50 and UD-50 models, the Duct Dawg DDHX and DDHXA 75 & 100 units, and the all-electric Duct Dawg E+, are each built with the same care, best materials, and innovative engineering we’ve been known for since 1927. Safety and dependability are our upmost priorities when building products for our Utility Industry customers. We estimate that no company in North America has pulled more underground electrical conductor than Sherman+Reilly Dawgs have pulled over the last 40 years. Wonder how we can make this claim, ask a lineman. Learn more about why our Duct Dawgs lead the pack and which unit is right for you.


With a long tradition of inventing what’s next for the utility industry, Sherman+Reilly introduces the Duct Dawg E+ unit – an all-electric 7,500 lbs. Underground Puller. Capable of running all day, the DD-75E+ features quiet, smooth, and precise operation. Equipped with the same remote-control option and capabilities as the other Duct Dawg models, this unit also has an all new digital on-board interface, and a seamless backup charging system.


Sherman+Reilly hydraulic Underground Pullers are available from small, compact versions to units capable of pulling up to 10,000 lbs. with a fully articulating, self-supported 3-axis boom and a wireless remote control. Each manufactured with care and pride by our team in Chattanooga, Tennessee and dedicated to getting every lineman home, every night, no exceptions.


Reel Trailers play a pivotal role in line stringing operations and we design and build our reel trailers to be durable and reliable for the demands of utility operations. Constructed of high-strength steel, continuously welded for rigidity and strength, all units come with our time-tested pillow-block bearings, hydraulic or manual leveling jacks and 16” vented bronze disc brakes. Conductor Reel Trailers (CRTs) can be used for transporting reels. Turret Trailers can be locked in any direction in 15-degree intervals. Utility-grade, durable reel trailers is what you will find at Sherman+Reilly.


We test our products throughout our manufacturing process. One example, we took a 30K CRS 108, loaded it up with a 24,000 lb. reel of conductor suspended it with a crane 27” in the air, and dropped it onto a concrete slab while recording with strain gauges and high-speed video and to capture the affects. This is just a fraction of what we do to help ensure that our reel stands are durable and solid. If you are looking for a solid, all-welded steel reel stand designed and built for rugged utility work, you found it. The payout disc brake maintains smooth tailing tension. All stands include grounding bars and anchor rings at each corner. Available with an optional hydraulic retriever for further functionality.


Our rugged, 2-piece reconductoring reels crush wooden reels when it comes to recovering used conductor. They are also compatible with several S+R puller tensioner models. Able to withstand much higher compressive loading than a wooden reel, they can be split in half for easy removal of the recovered conductor. Paired with reel lifting tongs, the RCR provides years of use for reconductoring.