Turret Reel Trailer – TRT-184 – One Reel

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Turret Reel Trailer – TRT-184 – One Reel

TRT-184 – SINGLE REEL Trailer

The Sherman+Reilly TRT-184/60 is a single reel trailer for transporting and deploying power-distribution or transmission conductor and optical-fiber cable. It has the capability of independently orienting the direction of payout without having to re-position the trailer.

Capable of handling reels up to 84 in. OD by 60 in. wide, weighing up to 7,000 lbs. The rotating turret may be locked at 15 different intervals. The shaft and drive bars can be coupled to a 16 in. diameter ventilated Al-bronze caliper/disc tension brake. Also, the turret can also be removed, leaving a flat deck with tie-downs, allowing the transportation of other equipment.

Turret reel trailer equipment includes DOT lighting, adjustable front pintle eye, safety chains and hooks, grounding lug, and electric brakes. Additionally at each corner is an adjustable jack for stability during tough pulls.



One reel. Maximum reel weight 7,000 lbs. Maximum reel size 84 in. OD x 60 in. wide.



Quick-release reel shaft bearings for easy and safe reel change. Turret may be removed to use trailer for transporting equipment.



360-degree rotational range with single reel mount on a turret. Rotating turret may be locked at 15-degree intervals. Capable of independently orienting the direction of payout without having to re-position the trailer. Single axle.


Optional hydraulically driven retriever, electric hydraulic payout brake, hydraulic front jack, hydraulic outriggers, and gathering window with bed rollers.


Maximum Reel Weight*

7,000 lbs.

Maximum Reel Size

84 in. OD x 60 in wide

Reel Shaft Diameter

2‑5/8 in.

Tensioning Brake

16 in. dia. disc, bronze

Turret Rotation Range

360º, lockable at 15º increments

Frame Construction

Steel tubing, continuous-weld

Length, overall, nom.

13 ft. 4 in.

Width, overall, nom.

8 ft.

Height, overall, nom.

8 ft., 9 in., without reel

Height to Reel Centerline

10 ft., 6 in.


4,600 lbs., without conductor or reel


12,000 lbs.



Axle Configuration


Wheel Configuration & Tires

Single, 235/70R17.5

Brakes, trailer

Electric with break‑away switch

Front/Nose Jack

Manual Screw Type with shoe

Corner Stability Jacks

Screw type, with shoe, 4 ea.


D-rings, 1 ea. at platform corners

Towing Attachment

3 in. adjustable pintle eye

Safety Chains

2 ea., with hook

Lights, navigation



S+R White




Electric Over Hydraulic Payout Brakes

Hydraulic Retriever

20 Hp Powerpack

Hydraulic Front Jack

Hydraulic Outrigger Jack TRT-384/60-24K

Gathering Window and Bed Rollers

RDG-2100 Rotating Distribution Ground

DG-4100 Running Ground

Solar Battery Charger

Spider® Pilot Line System with independent levelwind