CRS-108/83 Stand

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CRS-108/83 Stand

CRS-108/83 – 30,000 LBS. MAX CAPACITY

The Sherman+Reilly CRS-108/83 Reel Stands are for stationary holding/supporting of reels for dispensing conductor from a fixed position.

The CRS-108/83 reel stand maximum reel size is 108 in. OD x 83 in. wide. This model has two options, the CRS-108/83-20k with a maximum reel weight of 20,000 and a drive bar diameter of 3-15/16 in. or the CRS-108/83-30k with a 30,000 maximum reel weight and a drive bar diameter of 5 in.



CRS-108/83 maximum reel size 108 in. OD x 83 in. wide.

CRS-108/83-20k maximum reel weight 20,000,

CRS-108/83-30k maximum reel weight 30,000.


Disc-caliper payout brake for controlled tail-tension. With purchase of hydraulic retriever* package, quick-disconnect hydraulic fittings allow for rapid set up.

*Hydraulic Retriever Performance: Approximately 20,000 in-lb at 7 GPM and 2,000 PSI. Do not exceed 12 GPM and 3,000 PSI.


Frame configuration is a reinforced truss on a rectangular base. Constructed with structural-grade steel tubing with anchor rings and grounding bars at each corner.



Coupled with a compatible tensioner, it can be hydraulically controlled by:
• Sherman+Reilly T-1608
• Sherman+Reilly T-2608
• Sherman+Reilly T-7212
• Sherman+Reilly PTR-7230
• Sherman+Reilly PTR-7240