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Easily store and locate controllers, reels, and adapters

The SST-7585 Spider Storage Tree is an ideal companion for either the S-7500 or S-8500 Spider Systems. It can store up to four controllers with reels (and rope) and one adapter. Easy to locate in the warehouse and immediately ready to go to the job site. Accommodates either the S-7500 or the S-8500 series complete. The lifting eye allows the Spider Storage Tree to be picked up and carried by forklift and loaded on line truck with boom. The Spider Tree eliminates handling of individual reels and controllers and reduces breakage. Available with or without vinyl cover.



S-75-C Controllers can be factory-modified to accept either reel. S+R controllers require no adjustments for braking during operation. S-85-C Controller accommodates either S-85 or S-75 Storage Reels. S-85-SR Storage Reel will not fit existing conventional S-75-C Controller.



S-75-WA Winch Adapter fits either S-85 or S-75 Storage Reel.





The S-75-SR Storage Reel has a 3,000 ft. rope capacity. S-85-SR Storage Reel holds 6,000 ft. of 5/16 in. Spiderflex rope. If you have construction requirements for pulls requiring 6,000 feet of rope, the S-8500 Series Spider System is ideal. However, two S-75-SR Storage Reels (each with 3,000 feet of rope) can be used for pulls requiring 6,000 feet of rope also. This is done simply by connecting two smaller reels together.


All parts are interchangeable with all existing S-7500 and S-8500 Spiders regardless of whether they were manufactured by Alaskaug or Sherman+Reilly, Inc. We have an operator’s and parts manual available for your Spider System.