Save Time And Money Installing Distribution Conductor With The Sherman + Reilly Spider® System

The Sherman + Reilly Spider® System is an efficient method used for installing pulling lines, saving both time and money on distribution jobs versus conventional techniques.

The conventional installation of pulling lines in overhead distribution systems can be inefficient and labor intensive. When finger lines are lost, damaged, or tangled and unusable and then the process must be redone.

The Sherman + Reilly Spider® System is a safer and more economical method of installing the bull line in distribution jobs. It’s an integrated set of special equipment including a braking controller, storage reels, Spiderflex rope, and accessories. The Spider® System is a lightweight, low-cost, self-contained piece of equipment that simplifies the whole operation, eliminating the need for finger lines, reducing the risk of vandalism-or having to repeat the work-therefore reducing the labor and time needed to install pulling lines.

Left on the pole, its self-operating with its own braking system to keep the line tension on the Spider® storage reel during deployment of the rope and prevent overspinning. The controls require no adjustment during operation, and the tension doesn’t need supervision. Blocks can be installed on the same climb as the Spiderflex ropes are installed.

A complete job, including hanging the controllers, placing the reels on the controllers, installing the blocks, stringing the pilot lines, hauling in the pulling lines, and stringing the conductors can be done safely with minimum crew size in a less time…and saving time saves money.

The Spider® System is available in two series: the S-7500 & the S-8500. The S-7500 system has a capacity of 3,000 feet of 5/16 inch Spiderflex rope. The S-8500 has a 6,000 feet 5/16 rope capacity. Spiderflex rope has a 500-pound tension capacity. Spiderflex rope is available in four different colors for easy identification and is torque-free, non-twisting, and stays flexible.

A Spider® Storage Tree is also available for purchase to store and transport Spider® System. Up to four controllers with reels, rope, and an adapter can be stored on one tree.

To see a video about the Sherman + Reilly Spider® System, check out our YouTube page or click below.