Summer Service Tips

Service Truck Photo

Have you contacted Sherman+Reilly to inspect your equipment this year? We have qualified Service Techs that can help you increase the uptime in your equipment. Additionally, when seasons and temperatures change, it is a good time to think about maintenance on your Sherman+Reilly equipment.

Just like winter, summertime is an important season to make sure equipment is ready to handle more challenging temperature conditions. Potential issues can be addressed before they shut down a job or have a chance to cause harm.

Here’s a Summer Service checklist to get you started:

  • Check the engine oil and filter. When were they last serviced?
  • Check the hydraulic oil and filter. When were they last serviced?
  • Inspect hydraulic hoses, pistons, manifolds, and connections.
  • Check the battery for proper charge. Any corrosion?
  • Check the fuel system, lines, fuel filter, fuel/water separator. How old is the fuel?
  • Check the engine cooling fan belt. Check the radiator. Does it need to be cleaned?
  • Check the engine coolant level, hoses, & clamps. When was it last serviced?
  • Check the engine air filter and air intake. Change the filter as necessary.
  • Inspect the electrical wiring. Look for any loose or frayed wiring.
  • Inspect the trailer axle assembly and suspension.
  • Also, check the tires, inflation, wear, condition.
  • Check the wheel lug nuts are tight.
  • Check the wheel bearing oil reservoir.
  • Check that the trailer brakes and safety brake are functioning properly.
  • Confirm that the trailer lights are operational.
  • As part of the summer service, inspect the drive train items: drive chain, gearbox splines, drum motor couplings, drive bar hubs, and drive assemblies.
  • Grease the pillow block bearings and other rotational assemblies.
  • Inspect the pulling rope – look for broken, frayed, or worn areas.
  • Inspect the rope grips. Remove any electrical tape to inspect underneath.
  • In addition, address any items that are worn, corroded, cracked, or damaged per your company’s policy. Safety First!

Further Information

Your operator’s manual contains pre- and post- operation inspection checklists, extended storage information, and troubleshooting tips.

For additional information on the summer service of your equipment, see your service manual.  Sherman+Reilly recommends you have a PM plan for every unit. Use the detailed tables provided in the service manuals to help create a PM plan. Contact Sherman+Reilly Service Department at 423.756.5300 for assistance or click below.