Why Electric?

When you have an opportunity to experience electric construction equipment, you will know firsthand how remarkable the precision control response of an all-electric drivetrain can be compared to diesel-power. In addition to benefits that include reduced operational cost and reduced emissions, an all-electric drivetrain provides immediate access to maximum torque, and reduced noise. As a result, electric machinery is transforming customer expectations for jobsite safety and equipment performance. So, what is preventing electric products from being a compelling alternative to diesel powered equipment? The greatest challenge for heavy equipment manufacturers is providing a product with a practical sized battery and a charging strategy that can support the work. An oversized battery increases the total cost of ownership. An undersized battery will not do the job. For Sherman+Reilly, designing the E+ Series product line to maximize capital and carbon investment objectives and exceed performance expectations was the mission and purpose.

An Ideal Electric Design

Sherman+Reilly believed that there is an ideal design and was uncompromising in the pursuit of it. Five years in development, Sherman+Reilly’s E+ Series delivers all-electric operation with an On-Board Rapid Recharge System by S+R™, providing superior performance and automatic battery management so the operator can focus on the job at hand.

Duct Dawg E+ control box

Battery-only units leave end users without an integrated solution to recharge in the field. An oversized battery gives no consideration for capital and carbon investments.

When only a fraction of an oversized battery’s capacity is utilized between charging cycles, the capital expense and carbon savings potential of the battery is left unutilized, and therefore wasted. It was not enough for Sherman+Reilly to simply develop another product. Sherman+Reilly wants to provide customers with an all-electric drivetrain designed to exceed all-day use, paired with the ‘right-sized’ battery solution. The addition of the small, diesel-powered On-Board Rapid Recharge System by S+R™ ensures every job, no matter what exceptions are encountered, is completed without interruption or concern for battery capacity.

Duct Dawg E+ Remote Controller

The E+ Series product line is a continuation of Sherman+Reilly’s customer commitment which includes improving productivity with each innovative achievement. To inspire additional confidence in the transition from diesel products to an electric solution, S+R Telematics™ comes
standard with all Sherman+Reilly E+ Series products at no cost, providing the end user with industry leading support in real time.

As the leading alternative to diesel powered equipment, our E+ Series provides the superior performance of an all-electric drivetrain, the ‘right- sized’ battery solution, the On-Board Rapid Recharge System by S+R™, and a quiet, reliable, precise, and safe line of pullers and tensioners that never leave you short.

The Sherman+Reilly E+ Series

• All-Electric Drivetrain Designed to Exceed All-Day Use – Maximizes Capital and Carbon Investment
• The On-Board Rapid Recharge System by S+R™ – Supports Multiday Use and Jobsite Exceptions
• Automatic Battery Management – Eliminates Concern for Battery Capacity
• S+R Telematics™ at No Cost – Provides Industry Leading Support in Real Time
• Immediate Performance, Precision Control and Reduced Noise – Improves Jobsite Safety