Sherman+Reilly Celebrates 95 Years

95 years – a Sherman+Reilly anniversary to celebrate.

When Sherman+Reilly first started as an engineering company in April of 1927 in downtown Chattanooga, its founders could not have imagined where the years would take them. This week, we celebrate 95 years in operation, a feat few other companies have accomplished.

We are undeniably the engineering and manufacturing leader of North America’s electric utility line equipment. In fact, we are dedicated to getting every lineman home, every night, no exceptions. For decades we have led the industry through many firsts. This includes over 50 patents held or pending, over 5,000 units of powerline installation equipment sold and over 2 million line stringing blocks sold.

“By constantly refocusing on our market, investing in new product development and in the development of our people, while never losing focus on safety, Sherman+Reilly has been able to become the company it is today” said CEO Mike Dunn.

As can be seen, Sherman+Reilly’s innovation of transmission and distribution equipment continues. Most importantly, with the all-electric E+ Series and new back-to-basics Heritage line.

At Sherman+ Reilly, We’re Inventing What’s Next.

Enjoy our 95th Sherman+Reilly Anniversary Video below:

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