The Sherman+Reilly Spider® System is an integrated set of special equipment, special reels, rope, and accessories for the fast and easy installation of pulling lines for the installation of distribution-class conductors. This Spider System eliminates finger lines, reducing the risk of vandalism, and greatly reducing labor and time needed to install pulling lines. Facilitates concurrent deployment of up to four lines. Available in two series, the S-7500 and S-8500, supporting 3,000 and 6,000 feet of rope, respectively.

Key Features

Spider Positive Braking Controllers

Brake permits pulling of rope but engages when rope is slack, no overspin. Mounts to wood poles with single lag screw, or any material with adjustable chain mount. S75C accommodates either S75SR or S85SR reels. Winch and PT shaft adapters available.

Spider Storage Reels

Stores pilot line rope. Designed for use with Spiderflex Rope. 500 lbs tension capacity. S75SR has a 3,000 ft. rope capacity. S85SR has a 6,000 ft. rope capacity. Can also be used with a pole-mounted winch or line truck for pulling in the pulline line.

Spiderflex Rope

Torque-free, non-twisting, splices easily, and stays flexible. Low-stretch, high UV resistance and high abrasion resistance. Available in a variety of colors.
  • Size

    5/16 in.*

  • Material

    Polyester Over Polyolefin

  • Construction

    Single Braid, 12 Strand

  • Pounds/100 ft.

    2.5 lbs.

  • Breaking strength

    3,000 lbs.

  • Coating


  • Characteristics

    Low stretch, torque-free with excellent abrasion and ultraviolet (UV) resistance. Easy to splice.