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A fast, economical method for stringing space type aerial cable
The Sherman+Reilly XS-707 model is a multi-sheave distribution block for stringing spacer type aerial cable. Equipped with an aluminum cross-head with a swivel safety hook. These are hung on each pole, usually on the messenger bracket, and all three phase conductors are pulled in at one time. For use with the S&R running board RB-707 and and the B-707 bracket, which positions the block for accurate sag and easy placement of conductors into their insulators.

Key Features


Used for stringing spacer type aerial cable or Triplex. To be used with RB-707 linked running boards. Crossarm bracket can also be used to mount XS-707 stringing blocks.


Hung on the messager bracket of each pole and all three-phase conductors are pulled in at one time, or for use with a cross arm bracket. May be clamp-mounted or mounted using chain tighteners. Aluminum cross-head with a swivel safety hook.


3 or 4 polished groove sheaves available. 8 in. sheave has a 2,500 lb. max working load and the 10 in. sheave max working load is 3,000 lb. Maximum O.D. of conductor 1-1/4 in.


Available block ground option. Can also be used with the XS-707 FASTRAP® Universal Cross-Arm Bracket.