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TPVG-1424 V-Groove Puller Tensioner


Capable of tensioning up to 4,000 lbs. at 4 mph, the Sherman+Reilly Model TP-1424-T V-Groove Puller Tensioner provides the ultimate in smooth tension control of single conductor through its purely controlled hydraulic system. Equipped with a 42” diameter v-groove bullwheel, cast with polyurethane and precision CNC machined for proper radius and depth. The “V” Groove tensioner is also equipped with an automatic emergency brake in case of loss of hydraulic pressure or power.

Key Features


Capable of pulling up to 4,000 lbs. with additional re-conductoring capabilities, and tensioning up to 4,000 lbs.


One reel carrier capable of supporting a 84H inch by 54W inch reel, up to 8,000 lb.


Direct Drive single hydraulic motor, drum/reel shaft coupler, and drive bar/dual pin.


Features a Safe-Zone® Cab for the safety and comfort of the operator with a floor to ceiling polycarbonate front window for excellent visibility and protection. The cab includes climate control, an adjustable ergonomic seat, and all required electronic controls and gauges.
  • Maximum Tensioning Capacity

    4,000 lbs.

  • Maximum Pulling Capacity

    4,000 lbs.

  • Maximum Speed

    4 mph

  • Bullwheel Size

    42 in. dia.

  • Groove Diameter

    (conductor) 1.5 in. dia.

  • Bottom of Groove

    36 in. dia.

  • Groove Lining Material

    Cast polyurethane 92 durometer A scale

  • Bullwheel V-Groove Profile

    Precision machined CNC

  • Engine

    Diesel, 37 Hp, water-cooled

  • Tensioning

    (Hydraulic Motor) Planetary gearbox
    (closed loop system)

  • Final Drive

    Chain and sprocket

  • Fail-Safe Brake

    Hydraulic relieved / spring applied

  • Directional Controls

    Variable speed, pressure and pre-set mode

  • Reel Capacity

    1 reel carrier

  • Maximum Reel Width

    54 in.

  • Maximum Reel Diameter

    84 in.

  • Maximum Reel Weight

    8,000 lbs.

  • Reel Shaft

    2-5/8 in.

  • Payout Brake

    16 in. aluminum/bronze caliper disc

  • Frame Construction

    Steel tubing, continuous-weld

  • Length

    (Overall, Nom.) 21 ft.

  • Width

    (Overall, Nom.) 8 ft., 6 in.

  • Height

    (Overall, Nom.) 8 ft., 8 in.

  • Weight*

    7,076 lbs.

  • GVWR

    16,000 lbs.


  • Solar battery charger
  • Hydraulic retriever for reel control
  • Spider® Pilot Line System with independent levelwind
  • RDG-2100 Rotating Distribution Ground
  • DG-4100 Running Ground
  • RCR-60: Core: 24 in. to 18 in. tapered Total Outside Width: 39 in. (Flange Diameter: 60 in.)
  • RDG-4100 Rotating Distribution Ground