DDHX-75/100 Underground Puller

DDHX-75/100 – 7,500 OR 10,000 LBS. PULLING CAPACITY
The Sherman+Reilly® Duct Dawg® DDHX 75/100 is an underground puller capable pulling 7,500 lbs. or 10,000 lbs. respectively. This underground unit simplifies jobsite setup with a fully articulated, self-supported 3-axis boom capable of performing a wide horizontal swing arc (greater than 50 degrees left/right), 90 degree vertical arc (up/down), 24-inch telescoping (in/out) with a sheave head that swivels approximately 60 degrees as well, allowing for approximately 10 degree adjustments within this range. The short length also makes setup easy.

Key Features


Pulling Capability: DDHX-75 7,500 lbs., DDHX-100 10,000 lbs.


Hydraulically driven, twin capstan bullwheels with on-demand payout. Digital and manual hydraulic operation interface.


Durable, battery-powered wireless remote control for safer operation. Smooth operation with 3-speed gearbox on the 75 model and 2-speed on the 100 model. Equipped with a digital recorder to continuously measure length of cable deployed and line tension.

Pulling Rope

DDHXA-75 3/8 in., 6 x 25 XIP IWRC steel wire rope, 2,000 ft.

DDHXA-100 7/16 in., 6 x 25 XIP IWRC steel wire rope, 2,200 ft.

  • Pulling capacity Max:

    7,500/10,000 lbs

  • Bullwheels:

    Twin capstan, 6 in. dia., 5-groove followed by 6-groove/ Twin capstan, 7 in. dia., 5-groove followed by 6-groove

  • Engine:

    49 peak Hp, Diesel, water-cooled, electric start

  • Pulling Rope:

    3/8 in., 6 x 25 XIP IWRC steel wire rope, 2,000 ft./ 7/16 in., 6 x 25 XIP IWRC steel wire rope, 2,200 ft

  • Frame construction:

    Steel tubing, continuous-weld

  • Length, overall, nominal:

    16 ft. 9 in.

  • Width, overall, nominal:

    95 in.

  • Height, overall, nominal:

    114 in.

  • Weight, nominal:

    7,200 lbs. with rope/7,400 lbs. with rope


  • Strobe Light
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Air Adapter Kits
  • Underground Blocks Available
  • Self-priming, compact, high-impact trainer housing pump
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