Sherman+Reilly Booth at the Utility Expo 2023

Sherman+Reilly Makes Its Mark at The Utility Expo 2023

October 17, 2023

Sherman+Reilly’s booth at the Utility Expo 2023 was its largest exhibit space to date. Sherman+Reilly showcased its largest exhibit space to date at the 2023 Utility Expo in Louisville, at 38,000 square feet and had the highest number of collected leads among over 900 exhibitors. The Utility Expo is the third largest trade show in […]

Prepare Your Equipment For Use After Extended Storage

February 23, 2023

The reliability and working life of your Sherman+Reilly equipment such as Duct Dawg underground pullers, tensioners, pilot line winders, bullwheel tensioners, and overhead pullers depends on regular inspection and preventative maintenance of the machine. Sherman+Reilly’s service department has the experience, knowledge, and tools to assist you when you need parts or maintenance. The service department […]

Sherman+Reilly donates $75,000 to Chattanooga Area Food Bank

December 15, 2022

Sherman+Reilly, the leading manufacturer of utility line stringing equipment, is pleased to announce another holiday donation to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank in the amount of $75,000. The donation this year, combined with donations from 2021 and 2020, totals $150,000 that Sherman+Reilly has given to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank; this is the equivalent to providing […]

Winterization – Your Low Temperature Checklist

October 25, 2022

Care and maintenance of your Sherman+Reilly pullers, tensioners, pilot line winders, and Duct Dawgs improves performance, improves safety, and improves jobsite efficiency. Conducting frequent and proper inspections of bullwheels, drums, drive engagements, arbors, levelwinds, engines, hydraulics, and other peripheral equipment can identify potential problems that could later cause jobsite downtime. For optimal performance of your […]

Save Time And Money Installing Distribution Conductor With The Sherman + Reilly Spider® System

August 10, 2022

The Sherman + Reilly Spider® System is an efficient method used for installing pulling lines, saving both time and money on distribution jobs versus conventional techniques. The conventional installation of pulling lines in overhead distribution systems can be inefficient and labor intensive. When finger lines are lost, damaged, or tangled and unusable and then the […]

Summer Service Tips

June 1, 2022

Have you contacted Sherman+Reilly to inspect your equipment this year? We have qualified Service Techs that can help you increase the uptime in your equipment. Additionally, when seasons and temperatures change, it is a good time to think about maintenance on your Sherman+Reilly equipment. Just like winter, summertime is an important season to make sure […]

Why Electric?

May 2, 2022

When you have an opportunity to experience electric construction equipment, you will know firsthand how remarkable the precision control response of an all-electric drivetrain can be compared to diesel-power. In addition to benefits that include reduced operational cost and reduced emissions, an all-electric drivetrain provides immediate access to maximum torque, and reduced noise. As a […]

Sherman+Reilly Celebrates 95 Years

April 12, 2022

95 years – a Sherman+Reilly anniversary to celebrate. When Sherman+Reilly first started as an engineering company in April of 1927 in downtown Chattanooga, its founders could not have imagined where the years would take them. This week, we celebrate 95 years in operation, a feat few other companies have accomplished. We are undeniably the engineering […]

Distribution Stringing 101

March 9, 2022

The basic objective of stringing overhead distribution is to install the conductor from one point to the other in the best possible condition and in the safest, most economical manner. To accomplish this job, the proper equipment, tools, and training are most important. Four Key Components There are four key components used in an overhead […]

The Importance of VINs

February 7, 2022

Why is it important to know your Sherman+Reilly Vehicle Identification Numbers, or VINs? Shipping incorrect parts is not only costly but frustrating for all parties involved. Having the VIN allows us to correctly identify the machine. It also gives us the opportunity to check the bill of material, which was used to build the machine, […]