Prepare Your Equipment For Use After Extended Storage

The reliability and working life of your Sherman+Reilly equipment such as Duct Dawg underground pullers, tensioners, pilot line winders, bullwheel tensioners, and overhead pullers depends on regular inspection and preventative maintenance of the machine. Sherman+Reilly’s service department has the experience, knowledge, and tools to assist you when you need parts or maintenance. The service department can perform a full inspection of your unit and provide you with a list so you can decide which repairs you would like to have done.

Sherman+Reilly Service Department

After your Sherman+Reilly equipment has been stored for a long period of time, certain preparations should be taken before the unit is put back into operation. Here is a checklist to go over when preparing equipment for back to use after extended storage:

1) Visually check the overall condition of the equipment. Note any leaks or items that may need to be replaced paying special attending to any rubber hoses or lines.
2) Inspect machine for signs of animal or insect inhabitation if equipment was stored outdoors. If signs of animal ingress are present, take special care as electrical system will need to be inspected.
3) If the battery was not removed, place on a trickle charger for at least 24 hours before start-up. If battery was removed, ensure they are clean and charged before reinstalling.
4) Check fuel/water separator and drain if needed. Frequently check separator during first few hours of use and drain as necessary.
5) Turn main power shut off lock out/tag out switch to on.
6) Inspect hydraulic cylinders and seals.
7) Inspect air pressure in all tires and fill if required.
8) Check engine and hydraulic oil, engine coolant, and fluid levels. Add as required. In warmer weather, replace winter weight oils with traditional weight per engine manufacturers specifications and adjust coolant mixture to ensure specific gravity is weather appropriate.
9) If your equipment is an electric E+ Series unit, connect the unit to shore power. Select SHORT TERM STORAGE to charge the battery power system to a state of charge (SOC) of 100% for full operating capacity. For more information, see Battery Power System Storage Maintenance in your operator’s manual.

Sherman+Reilly Service Technician

Once the above checklist is completed, follow Pre-Operations checklist procedure found in your operator’s manual and take precautions to inspect for drips or leaks as the machine begins to run.

If you need help, Sherman+Reilly’s service department is ready to assist you. Service technicians provide the expertise you need when a piece of equipment goes down to get you back up and running. Service team members are available to answer your questions about parts, maintenance, and can give you support in the field or at the Chattanooga location.

To reach the service department email [email protected]m, call 423-756-5300, or click the button below to go to the service department webpage.

Sherman+Reilly Service Department