The Importance of VINs

Why is it important to know your Sherman+Reilly Vehicle Identification Numbers, or VINs?

Shipping incorrect parts is not only costly but frustrating for all parties involved. Having the VIN allows us to correctly identify the machine. It also gives us the opportunity to check the bill of material, which was used to build the machine, and is helpful in identifying the options, customer specified options, or revisions on an older machine.

With many older machines still in service, determining the components that were used to build the unit is of paramount importance in providing repair parts for a particular machine. We often find that because machines were purchased at auction the new owner or service personnel do not know what unit they are working on, and the VINs allows us to identify the machine.

We also have flagged machines that have been stolen using the VIN. With Sherman & Reilly, Inc. being in business over 95 years, there are thousands of machines in existence since 1970. We do have situations where the component vendor has discontinued making a part or has gone out of business altogether leaving us with limited options for repair parts. No one likes waiting on a parts order only to find out that what they received will not work. So remember to have your machines VIN available when you call to order parts.

Sherman+Reilly VINs

The VIN on our older machines can be found on a blue tag on the street side of the trailer tongue. New models have a black VIN tag. We also stamp the last five numbers on the frame near the engine or above the VIN tag. We also recommend when purchasing a new piece of equipment to record this number in the owners manual.

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