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CRT-196/67 & CRT-472/52 REEL TRAILERS

CRT-196/67 – ONE REEL | CRT-472/52 – FOUR REELS Trailer
The CRT-196/67 one reel or CRT-472/52 four reel trailers are conductor trailers built for transporting and tensioning. Both feature quick-release reel shaft bearings for easy and safe reel changes. Several add-ons are available to choose from for these units.

Key Features


CRT-196/67 One reel. 20,000 lbs. maximum reel weight. Max reel size 96 in. OD x 67 in. wide.

CRT-472/52 Four reels. 24,000 lbs. maximum reel weight (6,000 lbs. per reel). Max reel size 72 in. OD x 52 in. wide.


Available in a single reel and four-reel trailer configuration. Reel brake equipped with an aluminum-bronze ventilated disc. Continuous-weld steel tubing. Tandem axle configuration.


Quick-release reel shaft bearings for easy and safe reel change.


Hydraulic front and rear jacks available. Air brakes, RDG-2100 Rotating Distribution Ground, DG-4100 Running Ground, and 20 Hp powerpack optional.


  • Hydraulic Front Jack
  • Rear Hydraulic Jacks
  • 20 Hp Powerpack
  • RDG-2100 Rotating Distribution Ground
  • DG-4100 Running Ground
  • Air Brakes