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Tough two-piece design handles compressive loads

These steel, continuous weld reconductoring reels are made to replace wooden conductor reels used for winding or recovering used conductor. Its rugged, two-piece reel can withstand compressive loads.

Key Features


Reel splits for easy removal of wound conductor. Banding/strapping may be inserted onto the reel before winding the old conductor.


7,000 lb. reel capacity. 4,000 lbs. pulling capacity. Accommodates 3 inch reel shaft.


Outer diameter 60 inches. Compatible with PT-3000, PTX-3500, and PT-7500.


Lifting tongs, optional.


Print Specifications

  • Pulling Capacity

    3,000 lbs. (Rated at top of 46 in. drum)Max: 3,300 lbs. (Rated maximum)

  • Tensioning Capcity

    2,000 lbs.

  • Maximum Line Speed

    Pulling: 4 mph

  • Maxiumum Conductor Reel Size

    66 in. diameter/40 in. width

  • Drum Dimensions

    Core Diameter: 18 in.
    Total Outside Width: 40 in.
    Flange Diameter: 46 in.

  • Drum Capacity

    11 mm. dia. Unitrex™ 17,000 ft.
    5/8 in. dia. Uniline™ 8,450 ft.
    Standard rope length is 6,000 ft. of 5/8 in. Uniline

  • Drive System

    Direct Drive: single hydraulic motor, drum and drive bar/dual pin

  • Drive System Engine

    Turbocharged, Tier-4 Final, diesel, 45 Hp, water-cooled

  • Fuel Capacity

    13 Gallon

  • Hydraulic Fluid

    ISO Grade 32

  • Hydraulic Reservoir

    25 Gallon

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