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XS-707 FASTRAP® Universal Cross-Arm Bracket

Encircling strap with fine-tooth ratcheted quick-release lever
The Sherman+Reilly Fastrap® Universal Cross-Arm Bracket is a tool that is used to mount any XS-100-style stringing block to any common cross-arm, regardless of its size and regardless of materials. The Fastrap® embodies a revolutionary approach to an industry-standard system. By employing an adjustable strap to a sturdy base, combined with a ratchet-lever tightener, the Fastrap® bracket can be mounted and dismounted in less than half the time, with far less fuss and fumbling, and be far more secure than an ordinary bracket.

Key Features


Requires less than half the time to mount/dismount compared to ordinary brackets.


One model fits all cross-arm sizes. No tools needed to mount or dismount.


Designed for straight vertical loads of up to 2,500 lbs, and horizontal loads of 1,500 lbs.


Strong holding force, without damage, regardless of materials.