KNOW+GO: Embedded Instructional Video System

Continuing our dedication and industry leading commitment to operator and jobsite safety, Sherman+Reilly is offering instructional videos embedded as a standard feature on the PLW-200E+ and in development for other E+ Series units. It is also available as an option on our Heritage Series units. Called KNOW+GO, this video system provides immediate, cellular-free access to instructional video overviews and a digital operator’s manual right at the control console, improving safety and productivity.

Sherman+Reilly has the most thorough operator instruction manuals available in the line-stringing equipment industry. For several years, we’ve provided operational videos on YouTube to help enhance operators’ equipment understanding and provide operational guidance. These videos have been watched by tens of thousands of linemen and equipment operators and remain a good resource, but we know that operators don’t need to be looking at their phones on the jobsite.  KNOW+GO comes standard on all of Sherman+Reilly’s E+ units and is now available as an option or retrofit item for Hertiage Series units.

Pulling overhead and underground conductors is a serious business, and we want to help companies do so as efficiently and safely as possible. Sherman+Reilly’s on-board KNOW+GO provides embedded instructional videos and a digital copy of the operator’s manual to ensure operators have access to all operational information needed from within the operator’s station. KNOW+GO is a resource operators can use to refresh their equipment knowledge and new operators can watch video guidance of what they read in the manual. Knowing that information is available and embedded on the unit in the form of Sherman+Reilly® KNOW+GO increases the confidence of operators and equipment owners providing some peace of mind that the operational information is always available.

Sherman+Reilly remains committed to making sure every lineman gets home every night, no exceptions. The KNOW+GO system is another aspect of our on-going efforts to design for safety.

Know+Go embedded on an Electric PLW-200E+
Know+Go embedded on an Electric PLW-200E+
Know+Go Instructional Video System
Know+Go Instructional Video System on a PLW-400H

Currently available embedded on these electric E+ Series units:

Available as an option on these Heritage units: