S+R Service Department Excellence

Sherman+Reilly's service department has an average of 15 years of experience.
Sherman+Reilly's service department has an average of 15 years of experience.

A LOOK INSIDE: The Service Excellence of Sherman+Reilly

Sherman+Reilly’s commitment to excellent customer service continues long after the sale. The first year of ownership includes the company’s standard 1-year warranty that covers any material or workmanship defects. Beyond the warranty, Sherman+Reilly maintains a full-time dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced technicians in our Service Department.

" A big part of supporting our customers is fielding questions to assist customers...”                                                                          - Service Manager Brandon Blevins

Service Manager Brandon Blevins heads up the Service Department. Blevins said, “A big part of supporting our customers is fielding questions to assist customers in avoiding equipment downtime. Callers may need advice on getting a machine that has been parked in their yard for months back in use, installing a part, or information for new crew members on how to operate existing equipment.”

Service Coordinator Billy McKenzie notes that “we also reply to customer emails and there’s a ‘Request Service Information’ form on our website that alerts us via email when someone fills it out. We do a lot of technical support via email at [email protected]. These communications can alleviate the need to schedule a tech for off-site service. A lot can be accomplished with photos, emails, and drawings to support a utility’s or contractor’s technicians.”


As for what most separates Sherman+Reilly from outside shops, Blevins says the “unique factor is that our technicians have an average of 15 years of experience with our equipment and are set up to travel to customer sites as needed. We also have three technicians and a dedicated parts person who provide over-the-phone tech support to customers,” says Blevins. “We have better knowledge of the equipment, access to engineering drawings, as well as engineering support for troubleshooting Sherman+Reilly equipment.”

“Another factor that drives our approach to service is that our customers typically don’t operate their equipment every day. Depending on their job schedules, the equipment may sit for several months between uses. It’s not uncommon for customers to call us prior to a large conductor pull to arrange for one of our technicians and/or equipment specialists to be on hand,” he adds. “In these cases, we send someone to the jobsite to be ready to assist should any questions or issues with the machine arise.”

When notified of an issue with any machine in the field, Blevins says the service department’s response time is as immediate as possible. “We strive to get a technician on site within 24 to 48 hours in order to minimize the customer’s downtime as much as possible.”

What’s more, Blevins says, “Sherman+Reilly equipment stands out because our Quality Assurance Department does extensive testing of all equipment before a new machine is shipped. Our test field stays busy running equipment through a testing process that includes close to 200 checkpoints for each unit, inspecting the units and putting them through operational testing before they are shipped to the new owner.”

Blevins sees the service department as truly a “one-stop shop” to support customers. “We have the in-house capabilities to handle everything from preventive maintenance services to major repair jobs. With our full set of capabilities, customers don’t need to go anywhere else.”


Another differentiator is the width and breadth of the specialized equipment training services developed

Sherman+Reilly service department is here to help.
The Sherman+Reilly service department is here to help.

and delivered by the service team. “When you purchase Sherman+Reilly equipment, you have access to training for the life of that equipment,” says McKenzie. Key elements of the training curriculum range from in-service operation training, which comes with new machines, and is conducted at the customer’s location, to in-depth “hands-on” technician training that’s designed to be easy and convenient to access as well as cost effective for the customer. Blevins says a clear indicator of the quality of these offerings is that “Sherman+Reilly has trained hundreds of mechanics and thousands of linemen with our in-service and other training programs over the past decade.”

Sherman+Reilly understands that equipment components break, metal gets fatigued, and things just wear out. This is why we stand behind our equipment with a Service Department that is unmatched in the industry. Sherman+Reilly’s Service Department provides the expertise you need when a piece of equipment goes down and you need it back up and running quickly.

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