Safety Is Paramount At S+R

Every Sherman+Reilly unit is designed and manufactured with the safety of the operator top of mind, from the wrap around protection of our Safe-Zone® enclosure to the specialized design of the Ocu-View™ screen. From engineering, to production, and quality, each department sees safety as of utmost importance. Whether you are looking at a bullwheel tensioner, a puller or a puller tensioner, a pilot line winder, or an underground puller, you’ll see safety reflected in each piece of S+R equipment.

Safety features you’ll find on S+R products include:

  • Our Safe-Zone® enclosure that provides wrap around protection for the operator, well beyond what our competitors offer.
  • Our Ocu-View™ screen reduces eye strain and provides better visible clarity, making it easier to differentiate overhead pulling lines.
  • All stringing operations are controlled within the safety of the Safe-Zone® enclosure, reducing the number of times and operator climbs on and off a unit, thus reducing potential injury.
  • The adjustable ergonomic seat with armrests, and an adjustable footrest provide better comfort, reducing operator fatigue and increasing safety.
  • Thoughtfully designed control consoles provide operators with easy to reach controls and operational feedback.
  • Light towers on electric units provide Easy-to-see state of charge, supporting continued operations.
  • Wireless remote control on our underground Duct Dawg® units allows operators clear sight of the jobsite as well as reducing energized touch potential.
  • Emergency E-stops are located on all control consoles and on the side of units.
  • Redundant back-up operations on every underground unit help ensure that every job gets completed.

Why does Sherman+Reilly meticulously engineer and build our equipment to be the safest and most reliable in the field? Because we are dedicated to getting every lineman home, every night, no exceptions. And this isn’t just a slogan or a tagline. We live and breathe this every day.

Besides the safety features S+R puts into each and every unit, we also develop thorough operational manuals, so operators have printed references for each piece of equipment. A robust library is also available on the Sherman+Reilly YouTube channel and showcases how-to, overview, and quick tip videos. When you need help with a part or maintenance on an existing piece of S+R equipment, assistance is available over the phone, via email, or you can request service online. Sherman+Reilly also offers in-service, classroom, and on-site training customized for your equipment and your team, from operations to preventive maintenance.

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