Heritage Series BWT-1424H Bullwheel Tensioner

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Heritage Series BWT-1424H Bullwheel Tensioner

Dual 42” 5-Groove Bullwheel Tensioner – 4,000 lbs. Capacity

The new Heritage Series BWT-1424H bullwheel tensioner, features two 42 in. diameter 5 groove bullwheels with a maximum tensioning capacity of 4,000 lbs. The Safe Shield™ with Ocu-view enclosure reduces eye strain for maximized visibility and protection. Still the same sturdy bullwheel tensioner you’ve come to know and trust, with capability to accommodate all 795 conductors in a more economical package.



Precision bullwheel tensioner, with reel carrier and controlled conductor payout in a single piece of equipment.


Integrated reel carrier accommodates reels up to 84″ OD x 52” W and 8,000 lbs.


Tensioning capacity of 4,000 lbs.



Pair of 42-inch, 5-groove bullwheels with coupled 27.75 in. hydraulic brake.

new model 1424H no BG no shadow cab side.195


Tensioning Capability

4,000 lbs.

Maximum Line Speed

4 mph

Reel Stand Capacity

8,000 lb, 84 in. x 52 in.

Tension Brake

27.75 in. diameter disc, bronze


Nominal Diameter: 42 in.
Bullwheel Count: 2
Bullwheel Groove Count: 5 per
Groove Radius: 0.6 in.
Bullwheel Groove Lining: Replaceable
Bottom of Groove Diameter: 40.73 in.

Payout Brake

16 in. diameter disc, bronze

Operator’s Safety Enclosure

Open-air Safe-Zone® enclosure


new model 1424H no BG no shadow motor side.196