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PTX-3500 Puller Tensioner


Sherman+Reilly® Revolution Series PTX-3500 Puller Tensioner is a single drum multi-purpose puller and tensioner capable of pulling up to 3,500 lb, with additional reconductoring capabilities. This distribution class puller utilizes a semi-automatic horizontal levelwind that permits overhead rope retrieval with precision control.

Key Features


Capable of pulling up to 3,500 lbs. with additional re-conductoring capabilities, and tensioning up to 2,000 lbs.


11 mm diameter Unitrex 21,000 ft., 5/8 in. diameter Uniline 10,5000 ft.
5/8 in diameter 6,000 ft. Uniline Standard.


Direct Drive single hydraulic motor, drum/reel shaft coupler, and drive bar/dual pin.


Features a Safe-Zone® Cab for the safety and comfort of the operator with a floor to ceiling polycarbonate front window for excellent visibility and protection. The cab includes climate control, an adjustable ergonomic seat, and all required electronic controls and gauges.
  • Pulling Capacity

    TOD: 3,500 lbs. (Rated at the top of drum)

  • Max

    4,500 lbs. (Rated maximum)

  • Maximum Line Speed

    Pulling: 4 mph

  • Maximum Conductor Reel Size

    66 in. diameter/39 in. width

  • Maximum Conductor Reel Weight

    Dynamic – Over the Road – w/ PMTA 3,545 lbs.,
    w/o PMTA 3,800 lbs. |
    Static – Jacks Extended – 6,500 lbs.

  • Drum Dimensions

    Core Diameter: 24 in.

  • Total Outside Width

    58 in.

  • Flange Diameter

    44 in.

  • Drum Capacity

    11 mm. dia. Unitrex™ 21,000 ft. 5/8 in. dia. 6,000 ft. Uniline™ Standard

  • Drive System

    Direct Drive: single hydraulic motor, drum/reel shaft coupler and drive bar/ dual pin

  • Drive System Engine

    Turbocharged, Tier-4 Final, diesel, 71 Hp, water-cooled

  • Fuel Capacity

    30 Gallon

  • Hydraulic Fluid

    ISO Grade 32

  • Hydraulic Reservoir

    40 Gallon

  • Hydraulic Fluid Filtration

    10 micron, both supply and return filters

  • Levelwind

    Hydraulically driven, semi-automatically controlled

  • Operator’s Safety Enclosure

    Safe-Zone® Cab, fully-enclosed / single door

  • Frame Construction

    Steel tubing, Steel plate, continuous weld


  • UG attachment
  • Spider® Pilot Line System with independent levelwind
  • RCR-60: Core: 24 in. to 18 in. tapered
  • Total Outside Width: 39 in. (Flange Diameter: 60 in.)
  • Underground Option with UG Drum 24 in. OD, 31.75 in. W, 3/8 in. X 2000 ft., 6X25 IWRC, and E-49 Swivel
  • RDG-2100 Rotating Distribution Ground
  • DG-4100 Running Ground
  • Solar Battery Charger