Adjustable bracket for mounting XS-100-B blocks onto poles

The S+R Model GK-200 “armless” pole bracket is made to accommodate two Model XS-100-B Universal blocks. One block can be mounted either in the vertical position or on an angle using the side lug. The second Universal block is suspended below and is free to assume any line angle. Ideal for poles with “armless” design, the GK-200 is adjustable to fit different diameter poles: wood, steel, aluminum, or concrete, without drilling or marking them. 

Key Features


Lightweight, high strength suspension pole mounting bracket. Fitting enables block to be self-aligning on corners. Quickly and easily attaches with chain.


Assembly includes chain, grab hook, bracket, and Y-ball clevis.


Y-ball clevis forms universal connection for all stringing blocks with socket connector fittings. Self-tightening angled groove eliminates need for bolts or tools.


Available block ground option.