P-2000x Puller


The Sherman+Reilly® Revolution Series P-2000X Single Reel Bullwheel Puller is capable of pulling up to 20,000 lbs. This transmission class puller utilizes an automatic horizontal levelwind that permits overhead rope retrieval with precision control. The P-2000X is equipped with an ACG (advanced control group), allowing for a single operator at a protected central console to control payout speed, pulling speed, levelwind controls, and jack position.

Key Features


Pulling capacity of 20,000 lbs. Reel capacity of 23,000 ft. 20 mm anti-twist steel cable.


Fully hydraulic direct drive system provides the operator with precise and intuitive automatic drive/drum braking.


The Safe-Zone® Cab employs a floor to ceiling polycarbonate front window for maximum visibility while providing superior protection against impact. The cab includes climate control, a fully adjustable ergonomic seat, and all required electronic controls and gauges.


Solar battery charger available.


Print Specifications

  • Pulling Capacity

    Max: 20,000 lbs. (Rated maximum)

  • Maximum Line Speed

    Pulling: 4 mph

  • Controls

    Digital with real-time tension monitoring and recording

  • Drum Dimensions

    Core Diameter: 30 in. / Total Outside Width: 76 in.

  • Inside Width

    50 in. / Flange Diameter: 76 in. (84 Optional)

  • Reel Capacity

    21 mm. dia. Unitrex™ 21,500 ft. 20 mm. dia. anti-twist Steel cable 23,000 ft.

  • Drive System

    Twin 22 in. Bullwheels w/Direct Hydraulic Drive

  • Drive System Engine

    Diesel, 142 Hp Diesel, 175 Hp, water cooled Tier 3, with Webasto Arctic Pack

  • Fuel Capacity

    12 gallon

  • Hydraulic Fluid

    ISO Grade 32

  • Hydraulic Reservoir

    20 gallon

  • Hydraulic Fluid Filtration

    10 micron, both supply and return filters


  • Solar Battery Charger

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