DD-75 E +

Duct Dawg E+: Precision Pulling With Quiet Operation 

The Sherman + Reilly Duct Dawg™ E+ is an underground puller with an electric unit capable of pulling 7,500 lbs. The Duct Dawg E+ features a compact, under 17-foot footprint with a fully articulating, self-supported, 3-axis boom. Simplified underground jobsite setup. This electric underground puller’s battery charges quickly and can run entirely via battery, via the generator, or have the battery be charged by the generator for continuous use on the job site. Features precision control and handling when pulling and extremely quiet operation in the field.

Key Features


Pulling Capability: 7,500 lbs


Electrically driven, twin capstan bullwheels with on-demand payout.


Durable, battery-powered wireless remote control for safer operation. Smooth operation with 3-speed gearbox. Equipped with a digital recorder to continuously measure length of cable deployed and line tension.

Pulling Rope

3/8 in., 6 x 25 XIP IWRC steel wire rope, 2,000 ft.