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78 series transmission blocks

Light-weight, rugged, and reliable

The 78 Series single-conductor stringing blocks are an ideal choice for stringing large-diameter transmission-class conductor. These blocks are available with 20″, 22″, 28″, 35”, and 42″ (OD) sheaves, and they are light-weight, yet exceptionally rugged, reliable, and durable. Their low-friction bearings render high block efficiency, which helps to maximize stringing distances while minimizing pulling tensions and reducing loads on stringing equipment. Combined with the associated family of hardware and accessories, the 78 Series affords utilities and their contractors exceptional versatility in how and where it may be deployed and in the range of installation problems it can help solve.

Key Features


Design Sizing ranges from 22″ to 40″.


Used in construction of industry standard single conductor type transmission lines.


Meets the vast range of transmission conductors with with 20″, 22″, 28″, 35”, and 42″ (OD) sheaves. Large enough for bigger conductors yet still light and easy to handle. Throat section is large enough to permit passage of most types of sleeves and connections encountered in new construction and reconductoring.


Available with urethane lining & block ground options.