PT-3366 Puller-Tensioner

Multi-Role Puller-Tensioner
4000 lb. Class



  • May be used for pulling or tensioning.
  • Direct hydraulic drive (no chains).
  • Quick-release drive for easy reel change.
  • Optional bullwheel capability.
  • Underground capability w/optional pulling drum & levelwind.
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  • PT-3366
  • PT-3366
  • PT-3366
  • PT-3366
  • PT-3366
  • PT-3366

About the PT-3366
The Sherman + Reilly PT-3366 Puller-Tensioner is a versatile, multi-role machine for the installation of distribution and sub-transmission conductor. It serves as both a puller and/or a tensioner in one machine, thereby stretching equipment budgets. Rated at 68,000 inch- pounds of continuous torque, the PT-3366 is driven directly by a hydraulic motor. The elimination of mechanical features on this machine provides the safest and smoothest drive and tension possible.

A fail safe, automatic holding brake system engages if hydraulic pressure drops and the quick release drive coupling allows for quick disengagement of the payout brake and easy reel removal. The operator is positioned off the ground with a forward view of the machine for maximum visibility.

Its compact size and single-axle with dual tire design makes it easy to maneuver and to use in tight locations. Its broad suite of options affords utilities and contractors the flexibility to configure their machines to suit their specific needs in a standard design.

For More Information about the PT-3366 contact your local Sherman + Reilly Representative or call Sherman + Reilly directly at 1-800-251-7780.

Tensioning/Pulling Capacity, max.:68,000 in.-lb. cont. torque (4,500 lb. on 30 in. reel)
Pulling Speed, max.:2.5 mph
Maximum Reel Size:66 in. OD x 38 in. W (RM66.32)
Maximum Reel Weight:5,900 lb., with conductor
Spindle Diameter:2 5/8 in.
Drive System:Hydraulic; direct drive, no chain
Engine:Diesel, 42 HP, water-cooled
Hydraulic Fluid:ISO Grade 32
Hydraulic Reservoir:25 gal.
Fail-Safe Brake:Spring-applied, released by hydraulic pressure
Fuel Capacity:18 gal.
Operator's Safety Cage & Seat:Standard
Frame Construction:Steel tubing, continuous-weld
Length, overall, nom.:16 ft., 9 in.
Width, overall, nom.:8 ft.
Height to Top of Protective Screen, nom.:8 ft. 8 in.
Net Weight, no options, nom.:3,500 lb.
GVWR:11,000 lb.
Suspension:Leaf spring
Axle Configuration:Single
Wheel Configuration & Tires:Dual, 235/85R16
Brakes, trailer:Electric, with safety break-away switch
Front/Nose Jack:Hydraulic
Rear Jacks:2 Hydraulic
Wheel Chocks & Holders:Standard
Towing Attachment:3 in. adjustable pintle eye
Safety Chains:2 ea., with hook
Electrical System:12 VDC
Lights, navigation:US DOT LED, 12 VDC
Battery:12 VDC group 24 automotive
Grounding:3/4 in. dia. copper ground loops (4)
Fire Extinguisher:ABC
Paint:S+R White
46" Steel Pulling Drum w/ Cover
44-1/2 x 12-3/4 x 39 Steel Pulling Drum
24 x 12-3/4 x 39 Underground Pulling Drum
52" Steel Pulling Drum
Drum Cover 44-1/2"
Drum Cover 24"
Bullwheel Attachment
RCR-60 Reconductoring Reel with Lifting Tongs
Alum/Bronze Tapered Cone Adapter - SM
Alum/Bronze Tapered Cone Adapter - LG
5/8 in. x 6,000 ft. Uniline Rope with Grip & Swivel
5/8 in. x 6,000 ft. Sarlex Rope with Grip & Swivel
3/8 in. x 1,500 ft. 6x25 XIP IWRC Wire Rope
Full Vinyl Cover
Solar Battery Charger
Strobe Light
Pintle Hitch Extension